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Complete Services™ employs the latest technology in the process serving and court filing industry to effectively serve your important legal documents. Here you can find a broad list of services that we offer both attorneys and pro se litigants nationwide

Nationwide Process Serving

Physical in Person, Hand Delivered Service of Process in accordance with the venue's jurisdictional rules of civil procedure.

Our nationwide process servers are vetted and licensed where applicable to serve the following:

  • Summons & Complaint

  • Subpoena

  • Petition

  • Family Court

  • Writs

  • Motions

  • Divorce

  • Matrimonial

  • Notices

  • Small Claims

  • Family Court

  • Child Support

  • Order of Protection

  • Landlord and Tenant

  • Evictions

  • Orders to Show Cause

  • Citations

  • Judgements

  • and more

Electronic Service of Process

Our feature-rich electronic service of process allows us to serve the via the following:

  • E-mail

  • Certified USPS Mail

  • Federal Express

  • UPS

  • DHL

  • Instagram

  • Whatsapp

  • Facebook

  • Social Media

  • and more

Subpoena Delivery through UIDDA

Need to have your subpoena domesticated in another state? We can file your subpoenas with the proper court and then serve your witnesses with:

Subpoena Duces Tecum

Subpoena Ad Testifcandum

To obtain vital discovery in your case, our court runners can deal with the required filings and fees associated with domesticating your subpoena. We serve federal and state subpoenas

International Service through the Hague

Our network of international process servers are able to serve your documents legally and the right way through the Hague convention for countries who are participating members. This is the best way to ensure your international service is enforceable in your venue or jurisdiction. For non-Hague members we can serve your documents properly and efficiently via our experienced couriers. Service will include an affidavit of service to file with the court

Court Filing

Our court runners are able to file your cases in court and advance any necessary fees to start the process. We can then scan your filed docs and send them to you as a PDF copy or ship them to your desired address. We are also able to e-file your documents where allowable. Our clients most commonly request that we file their affidavits so they can save time doing other things to help their cases move forward

Document Retrieval™ can retrieve your documents, advance any fees required and provide you with scanned PDF copies of your documents same day.

Skip Tracing & Address Locating

Below is a list of services we offer through our skip tracing department.

  • Advanced Person Search

  • Basic Email Search

  • Basic Person Search

  • Commonality Search

  • Contact Plus Search

  • Death Master Search

  • InstantID Search

  • InstantID with FraudDefender Search

  • Marriage & Divorce Search

  • People at Work Search

  • Premium Email Search

  • Relationship Graph

  • Rollup Person Search

  • Standard Relative Search NEW

  • Social Media Search

  • Target Locator Search NEW

  • Utilities Search

  • Voter Registration Search

  • Watch List Search

Asset Searches & Other Investigative Reports

Here are additional reports we can run to help with your case

  • Motor Vehicle Search

  • Property Search

  • Real-Time Motor Vehicle Search

  • Watercraft Search

  • Asset Report

  • Bankruptcy Report

  • Basic Locate Report

  • Comprehensive Address Report

  • Comprehensive Business Report

  • Comprehensive Person Report

  • Comprehensive Report

  • Comprehensive Report with Real-Time MV

  • Contact Card Report

  • Criminal Report

  • Lien & Judgment Report

  • Motor Vehicle Report

  • Neighbor Report

  • Premium Address Report

  • Premium Business Report

  • Relative Report

  • Summary Report

Landlord & Tenant Services

Our landlord tenant department is highly comprehensive. We can help draft your notice and serve your tenants or client's tenant's quickly and efficiently.

We serve:

  • Notice to Cure

  • Notice to Vacate

  • Notice of Termination

  • Rent Demand

  • Holdover

  • Petitions

  • Summons & Complaints

  • & More

Mobile Notary & Virtual E-Notary

Our mobile notary publics can come to your home or office anywhere in the United States within 90 minutes or less. Our mobile notaries carry errors and ommisions insurance and are members of the National Notary Association. We can apostille your documents or authenticate them for international use

Affidavit of Military Investigation and Due Diligence

Need to conduct a military investigation on your defendant, respondent or tenant? Our process servers can physically investigate with neighbors or we can run a department of manpower data search to ensure you are in compliance with your service of process. Once complete, we will issue an affidavit of Military Investigation or Due Diligence


Our clients include collection attorneys that have a bulk amount of monthly service requests. Let us synchronize your documents into our system for a more streamlined experience. For pro se litigants looking to collect on post-evictions or judgments, our firm can help locate the individual, serve them with notice, and begin the garnishee process

Executive Courier

We hand deliver documents and small packages in a handful of states. Deliveries can be signed for and we also provide GPS embedded time stamped photos of the delivery. Our executive couriers are also able print from their vehicles and most are licensed notary publics. Our couriers also have the ability to initiate a return shipping request instantly and drop your retrieved document or package at a local shipping retailer. Think of us the next time you need something delivered safely, efficiently and timely

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