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Serving opposing counsel or defendants due process in person or electronically has never been easier

Electronic Process Service for
Attorneys & Pro Se Litigants

Electronic Service of Process

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About's E-service Platform

"No need to change your current process server to benefit from our platform." Our e-service allows you to serve your documents via e-mail, social media and more. It can be used as an added measure in confirming the servee has received the documents in question or as a more formal means of electronic service when electronic service is granted by a court or judge

With the advancements in technology and our firm's extensive resources in the service of process industry, we are able to provide a streamlined solution for verifiable e-service for attorneys and pro se litigants, nationwide. Contact us to learn more about how your firm can benefit from our E-Service platform

"Request electronic service as an add-on or standalone service." Our attorneys and pro se litigants can now have another option as an additional measure when serving electronically. When serving opposing counsel via electronic service with a third party, our licensed process servers will be able to provide a notarized affidavit of service.

Electronic & Mail Certified Service of Process

via a Third-Party Licensed Process Server


Facebook & Instagram
Direct Message

Serving your recipient through social media or direct message can be done through our e-service platform seamlessly



E-mail service is one of the most effective tools when serving a defendant, respondent or witness as they can confirm receipt and waive physical service in some cases. Have our licensed process servers do so as an added measure

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Linkedin Direct Message

We have served respondents through Linkedin's platform as requested. We attempt service with option available to us to help your case


Whatsapp Messaging

Our licensed process servers can deliver your documents via Whatsapp for respondents located in international countries


USPS® Certified First Class Mail

Need something served via USPS? Ask about our certified and first class mail service of process option with tracking capabilities

Fedex, UPS, & more


When serving papers using a shipping carrier, our licensed process servers will include the shipping label as part of the affidavit

Verifiable Electronic Service of Process

Confirmation of Service Sent

For electronic service via e-mail, our platform provides confirmation of sent service by providing a screenshot of the date and time of service as well as the e-mail sent to the recipient

Attach Multiple Files or
send via Dropbox

Need to serve multiple attachments or files? You can upload them when placing an order (under 25 MB) or send it to us via Dropbox®

Service Waiver Status

If your recipient chooses to waive physical service, we will notify you right away. We can still provide you with a notarized affidavit of service

Customizable Messages

We can customize any message you'd like when serving opposing counsel or defendant. Just let us know and we will accommodate your request

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